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Learn More About the Warren Mega Auger System
 Sold and Serviced by Moser Motor Sales, a Warren Award-Winning Dealer


The less time you spend on the farm unloading, the faster you can make the turn for your next load. With the new Warren Mega Auger, unload times have been documented at 6,000 pounds per minute of mash feed and 8,200 pounds per minute of shelled corn. This new line of feed delivery trailers from Warren Manufacturing combines their proven tank design with radically new unloading and hydraulic systems. Features include programmable and proportional wireless remote controls that are user friendly and customizable for you to tune the system to meet your needs, automatic valve sequencing to keep the augers full without grinding pellets, and an automatic hydraulic system kick-out to shut everything down when the feed bin fills so that augers don't plug.

Featuring Mega Flow Valves 

Warren Mega Auger
 Feed Trailers

   Moser Motors Earns Sales Award

Moser Motor Sales was honored by Warren Manufacturing with the Top Feed Trailer Dealer Sales Award for 2011. Jack Lyle, Warren's Vice President and General Manager (right), presented the award to Phil Eicher, President of Moser Motor Sales (left), and Jim Fox, Bulk Feed Equipment Sales Consultant at Moser Motor Sales (middle).
   Eicher commented: "We have been selling and servicing Warren products since 1991. Their product support has been second to none, enabling us to take excellent care of our customers."

Customer Testimonial: "We've hauled over 30 million pounds of feed with our new Warren Mega Auger trailer, and we've timed and documented every load. We have meticulous records. The average unloading time is 8 minutes and 54 seconds for every 27 ton load. That's an average of approximately 6,000 pounds per minute of mash feed. We're getting an extra load every day, our fuel mileage has increased, and the driver goes home an hour earlier every day. We're sold on Warren, and we've ordered eight more Mega Auger trailers for our fleet."

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